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CiviCore: Online Parent/Guardian Volunteer Registration
Posted 10/24/19

Ardenwood is happy to announce that it, along with select other FUSD schools, is piloting a new online parent/guardian school volunteer registration system.  CiviCore will allow volunteers to upload required documents rather than having to shuffle papers back-and-forth between home and our office.  CiviCore can also be used to register as a volunteer at multiple schools at once, should you have children at both the elementary and secondary grade levels.  We kindly ask that as of October 25, 2019 all volunteers register through CiviCore.


Visit, or the link on our school’s website and click on “New Volunteer Application.”  Please read through the information on the top of the page, and make note of the “Resources” link.  Select the type of volunteering you would like to offer.  Below are descriptions of the two most common types.

  • Classroom (occasional help within the classroom, study-trip chaperone, etc.)
  • Driver (study-trip chaperone that will drive a private vehicle)

There is no save feature to come back to an incomplete application, so please be sure to have all your information ready when filling out the application.  By providing us with these details, the school will be able more quickly approve your status as a volunteer, track and celebrate our amazing volunteers, and gain important safety information in the event of an emergency.


Please ask the front office should you have any questions.