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Dragon Dollars

Just as with academic content, student mastery of behavioral expectations is best supported with explicit instruction on being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible.  Our school-wide focus positive behavior creates a safe and welcoming school environment for our students.  When students demonstrate excellence in safety, respectfulness, and responsibility they may receive a Dragon Dollar acknowledgement.  These Dragon Dollars can be redeemed by students throughout the year at our Dragon Dollar Store for various incentives.  Please read below for more information about the Dragon Dollar program written by one of our 4th Grade students.


What are Dragon Dollars?  Dragon Dollars are little colored slips of paper which look like money . What can I do to  earn a Dragon Dollar?  To earn a  Dragon Dollar, you need to be Safe , Respectful , Responsible.  What do they do?   Dragon Dollar stores open up occasionally, and when they do open up, if you own any dragon dollars , you can go and trade your Dragon dollars for things like sharpeners, erasers, and for multiple Dragon Dollars you can even buy a poster!
Dragon Dollar stores are only held during or right  after school lets out, 2:50 - 3:15 pm . This year, our school Principal, Mr. Wasser, has decided to start with “lower” prices for our Dragon Dollar store. If  anyone is unaware, this year the color for the Dragon Dollars is neon orange. To end this article, these are what Dragon Dollars are.

Written by, 
Aarna (Room 24)


Dragon Dollar Example