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Student Voice

Occasionally through the year, students ask to share their thoughts on various topics relating to school and their learning.  Please read the sections below as a sample of Student Voice here at Ardenwood.

Every year at Ardenwood, students are challenged to ready many beloved books during our Dragon Readers competition.  Our school-wide goal this year is to read 77,000 books by the end of May 2020.  Successfully meeting this challenge will result in the entire school earning a special "Field Day" experience.  Please encourage your child to develop a love of reading.  The Harry Potter series continues to be very popular for Ardenwood Dragon's.  Take a moment to read below one student's summary of his reading adventure.

Harry Potter is a person whose parents were killed.  His parents were killed by an evil person whose name is Lord Voldemort.  Harry’s mom and dad sacrificed themselves for Harry when he was just a baby. 
Harry is now stuck with his horrible aunt Petunia, and his cousin Dudley, and uncle Vernon.  Harry’s plan is always to escape them.  And his plan always works. 
He escapes and meets friends named Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.
Then they ride a train called the “Hogwarts Express.” The Hogwarts Express takes them to a school called Hogwarts. In Hogwarts, there are teachers named Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, Professor Sprout, Professor Dumbledore, and Professor Mad-Eye Moody. Moody has one regular eye, and one magical eye. Moody can see through Invisibility Cloaks. Harry and Ron and Hermione have one of those too. Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts.
He is stronger than Lord Voldemort. 
Albus Dumbledore is the only wizard that Lord Voldemort fears. Harry is a wizard. There also is a hospital of Hogwarts called the “Hospital Wing.” The teacher of the Hospital Wing is Madam Pomfrey. Everyone in Hogwarts, all witches and wizards have wands to protect themselves. The way they use the wands they can say or shout something like: “Expecto Patronum!” or Exparliarmus!"

If wizards and witches of Hogwarts want to mail something, there is a place in the school called “the Owlery.” Then they get an ink pencil, parchment, and a quill. Then when they are done writing the letter, they attach it to the owls leg, and the owl flies out the window to deliver the letter. When the owl delivers the letter it just drops it on the person’s head. Harry’s owls name is “Hedwig.” Lastly, there is a game called Quidditch where you ride a broomstick with a Quaffle and you have to get the Quaffle past the other team’s Seeker and into the goal. There are teams for this game. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Gryffindor and Slytherin are the ones that battle each other.

Gryffindor is the team Harry is on. Gryffindor won the cup. There is this thing called the Triwizard Tournament. There are three tasks. The first task is where you have to get past a Hungarian Horntail on a broomstick, and steal its eggs Harry did that successfully. The second task is where you study your egg underwater, and it will sing to you to save your hostages (friends) underwater and do it in time or they get killed. Harry did it successfully by using gillyweed to make his body be like a fish so he could breathe underwater. Even though he was being too heroic and saved a hostage that was not his own. The third Task is where you go through a maze to find the Triwizard Cup. When he found the cup, he saw Cedric Diggory being attacked by Victor Krum. Then the cup got turned into a Portkey when both Harry and Cedric touched it and they got taken to Voldemort’s grave with Wormtail crying, because Voldemort ripped his arm. Voldemort was visited by Death Eaters while Cedric was lying, dead, and Harry being tied up so tightly, he couldn’t move an inch. Then Wormtail untied Harry and gave him his wand, because he was going to fight Lord Voldemort. There was a spell that connected the two wands. Then figures of Cedric, and Harry’s father and mother. Then he saw his chance to escape when he hit Voldemort with a spell. Then he ran holding Cedric’s arm and they got home. Professor Moody tried to kill Harry when he got back, but Dumbledore stopped him with his wand, and Moody was out cold. Professors McGonagall and Snape were there to  protect Harry. And Harry went to the Hospital Wing to rest, and Mrs. Weasley there to help him. Than a Azkaban prisoner, Barty Crouch, was admitting that his mom visited him and broke him out and he escaped. Harry Potter woke up and told Dumbledore and Sirius what had happened. Sirius Black was a prisoner for Azkaban. And he was very strong, but he was definitely not stronger then Dumbledore.  Harry Potter hates Professor Snape, because his favorite student is the enemy of Harry: Draco Malfoy with friends named Crabbe and Goyle.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione have hurt and insulted Malfoy. There is also a giant named Hagrid that Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit in his cabin. Hagrid fancies a woman named Madame Maxime who calls him ‘Agrid. But besides that, they all lived happily ever after. 

Written by,

JJ (Room 37)


Just as with academic content, student mastery of behavioral expectations is best supported with explicit instruction on being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible.  Our school-wide focus positive behavior creates a safe and welcoming school environment for our students.  When students demonstrate excellence in safety, respectfulness, and responsibility they may receive a Dragon Dollar acknowledgement.  These Dragon Dollars can be redeemed by students throughout the year at our Dragon Dollar Store for various incentives.  Please read below for more information about the Dragon Dollar program written by one of our 4th Grade students.


What are Dragon Dollars?  Dragon Dollars are little colored slips of paper which look like money . What can I do to  earn a Dragon Dollar?  To earn a  Dragon Dollar, you need to be Safe , Respectful , Responsible.  What do they do?   Dragon Dollar stores open up occasionally, and when they do open up, if you own any dragon dollars , you can go and trade your Dragon dollars for things like sharpeners, erasers, and for multiple Dragon Dollars you can even buy a poster!
Dragon Dollar stores are only held during or right  after school lets out, 2:50 - 3:15 pm . This year, our school Principal, Mr. Wasser, has decided to start with “lower” prices for our Dragon Dollar store. If  anyone is unaware, this year the color for the Dragon Dollars is neon orange. To end this article, these are what Dragon Dollars are.

Written by, 
Aarna (Room 24)


Dragon Dollar Example