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phone: 510-794-0392 ext. 51132 (Please avoid calling during instructional time, except in true emergencies.)



Week of February 18, 2020:

Dear Students, Parents, and Colleagues,

We are struggling with the recent increase in common cold viruses. As a result, we've used up a large amount of Kleenex quickly. If you are able to donate a box or two of Kleenex-type tissue, that would be most welcome. - If your child has a fever, please keep them home. With a mild cold, they can be in school; with a severe cold, they should best stay home. - At school, we're doing our best to wipe down common use areas daily, and to encourage frequent hand-washing or sanitizing.

We are planning a field study trip on Tuesday, Feb. 25 to Tule Ponds in Fremont. The trip involves a short, easy hike of about a mile, and some lab-time.  I will contact parent-chaperone-drivers about the use of the new digital on-line volunteer driver procedure for the district clearance.

Our next MATH LAB will be on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 from about 8:20am until about 9:15am. In 2020 we are holding to a bi-weekly schedule for Math Lab, holding one every other week. Future dates are 2/26, 3/11, and 3/25.

Thank you so much to Ms. Jen, Ms. Haiying and Ms. Hyun Jung for helping with our last Math Lab on 2/12! - Volunteers will sign in at the school office around 8:10, get a visitor's pass, and then come up to Room 32. And don't ever feel bad if you cannot make it. - 



Homework (due Tuesday, 2/18):  (All students must keep a daily written homework log.)

Math: Spr.Bd. p. 235 # 11 to 15, and 17, 18

Reading: Read/annotate "Raven" on page 30/ complete all Vocab. on p. 33

History:  test prep. p.345 #1 to 12, p. 346 # 20 to 22, p. 347 # 1 to 5 //tbc> I.A. Reader pages 14 -35, 66 - 87


Writing: brief exchange of dialogue for idea exchange for skits/ teams scripts

Next Mini Book Report is due on 2/21

updated 2/14

Mr. Tietze