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phone: 510-794-0392 ext. 51132 (Please avoid calling during instructional time, except in true emergencies.)



Week of December 9:

Dear Students, Parents, and Colleagues,

As the holidays approach, all parents are reminded to please be sure to schedule vacations during vacation. Attempting to extend vacations or weekends by tacking on additional days is not only unlawful, but it also injures your own child as well as our entire community.

Our next MATH LAB will be on Wednesday, 12/11 from about 8:20am until about 9:15am. Thank you so much to Ms. Haiying and Ms. Jen for helping with our last Math Lab! - Volunteers will sign in at the school office around 8:10, get a visitor's pass, and then come up to Room 32. And don't ever feel bad if you cannot make it. - There will be NO MATH LAB on Wednesday 12/18.


Homework (due Tuesday,12/10):  (All students must keep a daily written homework log.)

Math: SB page 147 # 9, 10, and 12 to 18, plus Writing Expressions w/s 5.3


History:   //tbc> I.A. Reader pages 14 -30

Science: Vocab. 8.4 (6 words) plus N/T Guide p. 142-145


Next Mini Book Report is due on Friday, 12/13

updated 12/9

Mr. Tietze