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phone in classroom 32: 510-794-0392 ext. 51132

cell phone: 510-289-3445 (text me?)


Week of May 25, 2020:

Dear Students and Parents,

Our new daily Google Classroom assignments are set up to become "visible" to students at 8:00am on Monday through Friday mornings. We have had a Google Classroom since Friday, 3/20. Students need to log in to our Google Classroom every school day, read instructions carefully, and follow directions. Participation is expected every school day, and it is not optional.                                                      The access code you need for Ardenwood, Mr. Tietze is: z4yydsx                                                               Dr. Hawkins' Science Google Classroom. The code is: qtzuwe2                                                                           Mr. Gleason's Music Google Classroom is : gtzwxcg                                                                                                           Ms. Ling's/Ms. DiPaola's Resource Google Classroom is: ujhphvr

Take a break after about an hour (or 90 minutes?) of Google Classroom work. Get up, stretch, do some push-ups/sit-ups, and/or Mr. Sakamoto's activities. You're allowed to take walks (or run) outside for exercise. Keep a six-foot distance (at least) between yourself and people not from your own family. Wash your hands a lot, especially if you just came in from outside. No visiting your friends' homes, but you can visit virtually, electronically. (Of course you do that already, anyways.) And then get back to doing more work! Cheerfully, of course.

Returning textbooks, library books, and picking up personal belongings: Directions will soon be made public about the exact procedural logistics. This will happen on Monday, 6/8 to Thursday, 6/11.

Students need: Home Study Plan materials, Springboard Math, History and Science textbooks, I.A. Reader, Standards Review workbook, Science N/T Guide, Benchmark Unit 3 "Relationships in Nature" Reading booklet, Benchmark Unit 2 "Legendary Journeys", Benchmark Unit 4 "Reader's Perspective", Benchmark Unit 10 "Energy Resources".

Courage! This too shall pass.

Ongoing work:

Math: Springboard Activities 30, 31

Reading: Benchmark, "Reader's Perspective"

History:  ch. 8 The Ancient Hebrews


Language:  Spelling/Grammar/Language Arts packets contain ongoing assignments

updated 5/28

Mr. Tietze